Vehicles no-colliding with map gemoetry.

I am working on a map with some terrain. I used the method of Creating vertexes within the block with the power of four, then made hills with the “Paint Geometry” tool. I wanted to test the map for vehicle use, so I opened console and typed in “ch_createjeep”

This created a jeep just fine.
I went driving across the map and was fine until I came to a segment which I had created to paint geometry on, then the jeep fell through the floor. Please note that “No physics collision” is NOT checked in the material options.

This problem does not exist on world geometry that is not power-spliced using the material tool.
Also, I selected the whole block when creating vertexes, not just one face.

Does this react the same way in Garry’s Mod, which I am making the map for? And is there any way to fix this?

Are you making the map with the episode 1 engine? Cause I remember this problem happening when I made a level in that engine.

Power of four displacements? :psyduck:
You know that that screws maps up easily?
Just make sure that all collision is enabled for the displacement and it should work, however.

It does nothing of a sort.

Its not power of four. Its how close the displacement vertices are.
A 8x8 power of 2 displacement will screw up your map just as much as a 256x256 power of four
Hiddenmyst. your avatar reminds me of a combination of sanctuary and wharehouse 13.
I dont know why

If I open Hammer with the Orange Box engine, will the map adapt to it?

it should open up just fine, save for an entity or two that was changed or renamed, takes a few seconds to fix

Also. you can use the -novirtualmesh command line when compiling

That worked on the flat surfaces, but the jeep still passes through the hills

Update: It would seem that the world geometry is not the problem, but the Jeep is.

Upon typing ch_createairboat, an airboat spawned perfectly fine. it even reacted to the hills and mountains in the proper fashion until it collided with a face head on. The Jeep fell through immediately. any idea what this could mean?