Vehicles not dealing crushing dmg

Hello gentlemen!

Im making my first map for Garry’s mod & TTT, so I thought I could share some of my problems here, and perhaps learn a little.

I have run into a little problem when it comes to a tanktrain. What im trying to do is to make a truck (prop) deal dmg if you stand in its way. As for now,
all it does is pushing me along its path, even though the speed is 600 units.

I have tried setting the dmg on crush to 100, but nothing…

And the second problem is actually riding the thing. The idea is that it will function as a bus bringing people around the map. I was hoping to be able to sit in the back of the truck, but im beeing pushed out when it turns.
I tried to make a new path_track so that the turn would not be 90 degrees, but im still beeing tossed out if im not lucky. I have tried HL1 train, but still no go.

Here is a screenshot so you better get an idea. Keep in mind that this is my first map :slight_smile:


Here is the settings for the tanktrain and the truck prop.

‘Damage on Crush’ only applies when the player gets crushed by the func_train, that is, stuck between the func_train and static geometry or prop. If you what it to deal damage when someone gets hit by the front of the vehicle you could attach a trigger_hurt brush to the func_train.

As for stopping people falling out, slow it down and add more nodes to the track. If that’s not enough maybe put a low wall in the back of the truck (Just larger than the maximum step height). Though that’d probably prevent people from getting in, so I’m not sure what you can do about it if slowing it down doesn’t help.

Thank you very much for your reply!
sorry for my late awnser, I was sleeping, and now I’m at work.

I did try to move the func_tanktrain to the front of the vehicle, but nothing changed really. When it comes to the trigger_hurt do I apply this to the truck prop or the func_tanktrain?

And for the falling out part, I tried adding nodes before the turns with the output Set Speed 100, but for some reason it did not change the speed of the train. I even tried adding a stop first with a short delay on setspeed. still no change.

Sorry, but the map looks incredibly ugly. Also, it also looks almost uplayable for TTT, as it’s pretty much one open area, with an exception of these four towers. :confused:

Put more effort and detail in the environment. The road is a borderless block of concrete placed on the completely flat grass. Try making the terrain more hilly, varied and random. Add some buildings around the road, and make the general environment make atleast a bit of sense, not just randomly scattered props.

For example, why is there a random playground and a water tower with two tanks and a sewer pipe?
Connect these areas with a (non-blocky) road, either made out of blended displacement, or a brush partially sinked in the grassy hills.

The towers are extremely monolithic, with an unfitting texture. Make the tower look more complex. Here’s an example of a watchtower.

It’s a lot more complex, not just a block of metal with some holes in it. Anyway, who would make a metal-plated tower like that?

Also, the walkways appear to be glass, right? Make them look more durable and less free-standing. There’s no way they could be floating above the ground like that without any supports. Also, walking on these would be tedious, as they’re almost featureless.

I’ve noticed a small hole in the tower’s glass floor as well. Make it look more visible, I can imagine many people falling to their death because they didn’t notice it.

Your skybox texture is badly stretched, you have to put _hdr behind it’s name. For example, sky_day01_01**_hdr**.

Also, as your map is for TTT, it needs more closed areas, where all people aren’t visible at once. Traitors would get easily revealed in your map, and would have no chance to escape from the fight.

I’m aware that it’s your first map, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to make it bad. You have to put more effort and time into your map in order to be appreciated. Also, try playing some more maps to get some reference about how should is properly look. Check out this: rp_downtown_v2, ttt_clue_pak, some of the Half-Life 2 levels and real life buildings / environment.

Also, sorry for the words, but you’ll eventually understand. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve done this for your good, not to insult / embarass you.

Regarding your original question, you have to put a func_tracktrain on the van’s inner floor. Tracktrain causes the players to “stick” onto it’s floor, so they don’t slide away as it moves / turns.
This is what I mean.

Place it just in front of the bumper bar and set it’s parent to the func_train, though I suppose it’d work either way.

Nice way of approaching someone who has spent days messing around with a tool they have never used before.

I never said the map was finished. I was simply asking for help on a func_tanktrain not dealing dmg.

To have something to hide in/behind, since im not very good at displacements just yet.

These are metalgrates. You just cant see the texture right from that angle.

Thank you for this! Looks a lot better now :slight_smile:

There is a bunker underneath the house, and im adding more hidespots.

Once again, im trying to learn. I have spent days already.

Thanks for this as well! Works a lot better now. I changed to another truck wich is more like a pickup truck. Now I dont fall out at all :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I am now beeing turned into roadkill :wink: