vehicles not spawning on server

I have checked both console and server console for why this is not working, but vehicles are not spawning, no error message, not even the hl2 vehicles will spawn.


rp_evocity2_v1p(i think its v1p) on a cider gamemode running latest version of gmod and the version of SRCDS downloaded from, SRCDS is not being ran from steam(Edited because Spacewolf though i pirated gmod, hope this lets people understand what i mean now.)).

Note: even after i set the sbox_maxvehicles to 5, it still will not let me spawn them. :frowning:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Garry's Mod" - Benji))

buy the game you damn pirate


Bad reading? He said “Non steam version”, what else is there to read?

Don’t expect to get help here then.

What is with all these dumbass 09’ers (I know i joined recently as well) expecting help with pirated games

Im not a pirate, im running SRCDS latest version, wich is not in steam(see, and im running gmod, REAL VERSION, i payed 9 dollars for it(including portal and orange box(didnt buy them both at the same time, so i payed even more money), and then more money for CS:S).

So i am not a pirate.