Vehicles will not spawn!

Ever since installing the “Huge Vehicle Pack” I’ve been unable to spawn any vehicles from the vehicle spawn menu. Not only that but non of the new vehicles show up in the menu. The console shows no errors. Also uninstalling the pack didn’t fix the problem…

This is the pack I’m talking about;

Any ideas?


Come on people I need help! Even cleaning/reinstalling gmod didn’t help! Am I the only one with this problem?

no you are not i have the same but i found out that any vehicle packs dont work with an update aperently so id just get advanced duplicater and download pre mad cars :slight_smile: ohhhhhh btw check in brower near prop menu and look for the vehicle pack chose the car you want then spawn any vechile for the vehicle menu the weapons tab and no-colide then place them together the finaly weld the together unfreze them and get in and drive hope this helped :]

Um wow, thanks for the 1 year late reply. But seriously I’ve fixed the issue long since then.
Thanks anyways, I guess…