I cant make the vehical pack2 work so can someone help me also i can see the models but cant drive if i go in the berowse menu

you have to spawn the vehicles in the vehicle tab. And by the way, spelling and punctuation is GOOD.

I remember to also had that pack installed and also never could really spawn the veichles, just the props, they just don’t show theirselves on the veichles tab. Any hints?

Litsen i am just using my ipod touch right now, and this is just a simple thread. litsen that is the problem they dont show up in the vehical tab also dont flame ok.

If you could link the place where you got the files from, then it would be much easier to help you.

Nevermind, i found one that works.

It’s on the thread of the Evocity 2 map. (don’t need to download the map, just the veichle pack and there you go)

The name is Gmow 3… well, here’s the thread:

actually it is this one sorry for the mix up

But Thank you for the GMOW 3 i will let you know if it works for me

I apologize if I’m thread ghosting, but I actually downloaded that pack(As well as some other vehicle packs), and when I tried playtesting them, THEY WOULD NOT APPEAR IN MY VEHICLES TAB, and I had about the exact same problem that was described in this topic earlier…What am I doing wrong? Am I not supposed to unzip the files for my downloaded vehicle packs to my addons folder? I could use some help here.

i saw sumwhere that there are sum vehicle packs that are for the advanced duplicator so maybe u picked this one and that could be the reason why the vehicles dont show up in the tab cuz in this case the files belong to the adv dupe’s folder instead of the addons, although i dunno which vehicle pack is for the dupe exactly…

That’s a good guess…But I haven’t heard about the advanced duplicator…Explain, please?

The adv dupe as its name shows duplicates things that are already spawned and as far as i know it also has a lot of stuff listed to spawn for duplicating too. u can find sum versions here:

U also hafta check the readme’s of the vehicle packs u have if they are simple addons or they are for the adv dupe.

Try the gmow 3 i posted above. It sure solved that problem for me. Fully controlable veichles. Here’s a proof:

Which one do I download? Also, i jsut unzip it to the addons folder, rihgt?

I dunno which is the latest but here are what i found when i was SEARCHING FOR ADVANCED DUPLICATOR on HTTP://WWW.GARRYSMOD.ORG:
like this:

the adv dupe goes into GARRYSMOD\GARRYSMOD\DATA if i remember right

Hay thank you for all your post and i think the GMOW is the easist to install and has most of the cars in the collection O and GMOW all you have to do is put it in addons folder and it should work right.

Can you give me a link, please?

OK.I can’t tell which one is GMOW, though…Also, I unzipped the one I downloaded(Adv. Dupe Pack 5) into my addons folder. DOH!

To get the latest version of Adv Duplicator, use SVN. Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Use this tutorial to download Wiremod:
And loads more addons (Like PHX3, Stargate…)

I think i didnt link any GMOW stuff, only adv dupe stuff.

the adv dupe goes into GARRYSMOD\GARRYSMOD\DATA if i remember right

the stuff for adv dupe goes into GARRYSMOD\GARRYSMOD\DATA\ADV_DUPLICATOR if i remember right

I quoted your message up there, dude… Talking about the link and so… Well, nevermind, here’s the link:

In this thread you’ll find a link to download the GMOW 3.

Btw, you don’t need to install all that adv dup stuff.