Should Rust have vehicles? I think they should add small cars like jeeps or motorcycles. But to craft these it should take a TON of resources.

Great suggestion. :rock::v:

Maybe we’ll see them in beta, but it looks like there will be some, just need to wait for a couple of months or so.

The Playable map at the moment doesn’t need them.
But as LO said, i am sure they will be in the beta and as the map gets bigger

To be honest a lot of people want them to remove military grade weapons and other modern things from the game. I think thats pretty stupid. Guns and shit will be so boring if all I get is my hand cannon. Might as well just use a bow… Same with cars. Many people don’t want to see cars in a survival game. Maybe I’m not all for cars but a small vehicle wouldn’t be bad. Heck even a transport helicopter wouldn’t be bad for moving items and people. They just better make sure that those vehicles require a hell of a lot of resources and that they need some sorta fuel.

Low grade fuel should be required to drive! or else every biker will just run noobs over…

Watch this mate.

By this i meant that vehicles will probably be put into the game.

How about hot air balloons? You craft one, hop in and it takes you some random direction. Possibly over the ocean where you drown when the fuel runs out.


That is a video I uploaded during the closed alpha, just bear in mind that the Dev’s were just having some fun by spawning in the default Unity vehicle before the server restart.

Here’s a link to to original thread I made a while back!