Do we want vehicles?

No we don’t.

Okey :smiley:

I’d like to see vehicles but not super fast cars etc but more like hand man dune buggys, carts and bikes

No vehicule for me

Why is everyone making me feel dumb with the ‘‘tags’’? :frowning:

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Im a winner also :smiley: :suicide:

I think a horse would be ok

Because this is NOT the first time this has come up, and most of us are sick of it.

Nope!. chuck testa

Oh im sorry, didnt wanna check over 5k posts :rolleyes:

Something like a horse I would be fine with… But I don’t think that a “vehicle” counts as a horse…

And anything auto (cars, motorcycles, 4wheelers, trucks, etc…) would seem REALLY out of place. IMO

You don’t have to, there’s a search bar (Look up cars or vehicles.) Also, go down less than four pages and you will see a couple threads on it.

Stop say we fucking retard
Get cancer

We want vehicle

that wasn’t kind :\

no vehicles. horses.

You’re adorable.

Sure a horse may be fine… But only if I can kill your horse and have chiken out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

You stop saying “We”

Because this “we” does NOT want vehicles

When the map is expanded i would see the need for vehicles but it should start with horses first as that seems more realistic.

I don’t think I need vehicles.