When is rust going to get a advanced mod of transportation?
I don’t mean to be mean to the devs, but it can be pretty annoying when you see some interesting concept art but nothing happens with it.
When the new XP system comes out, maybe they could be something up in the c4 range?
Do you think adding cars would be a good idea or will it just make the game crap?

for now, yes. Maybe horse raidding is better right now.
the game just have low grade fuel, i think it need a better fuel first, or the cars not too fast, like the old cars with big wooden whell

Imagine: U are in ur base and u hear vehicle. U are going to roof and shooting to him with bolt. U killed him and u get his car. Car can cost 1 milion bilion of resources. U are very very happy :smiley:
Or imagine raiding garage. It will be nice :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.

Imagine, you are gatthering resources for a mounth, you build up from zero a car. you are the happiest player ever. you are testing your car really nearby you own base, some one close kill you and stolen your car, use the car to break your own base, stolen all your goods, you commit suicide in real life… damm you need balance pros and cons

Imagine, you finally managed to complete your car, drive 50 meters away from your base and hit a landmine.

Well yeah, but that’s what rust is, isn’t it? You can work for weeks to get c4, then when you finally get your first c4 an go outside to raid a base, you get sniped by a boltie camper.

This is part of the game. U can use 1 trylion of c4 to raid big house and u can get nothing.

Craftable vehicles would be great.

I think it would be interesting to see a sort of flintstones kind of car that would go slightly slower but could still carry a few people and provide some protection. I would certainly like to see animal driven cars, wagons, sleds and carts too. Cars aren’t the only thing that could be added guys.

Can’t wait until we can ride horses and use them to vertically scale 15 story houses.

We really cannot have cars without first making a larger map/better roads.

I think the idea of a train that goes around the map by itself where people could get inside of it for a ride would be cool.

That would be pretty interesting, but instead of just going around the map, it can go between monuments, because most of them have a rail connection.

There is an old dev blog somewhere where they concepted and I think even modeled a large refinery, presumably for refining different fuels

On a side note, I wish they’d make the large furnace a requirement for HQM

actually no problems with losting a car, but the game are not ready for cars yet. if they did it right now, will broke a lot of things and cross the map with foot is really easy and fast right now

I’ve been saying this for a while now, if vehicles came in tomorrow, the map would need to grow a good x3 to x5 larger than an standard 4000 to compensate for the faster travel time. I don’t think the game/engine can support such a map size atm.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want em!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see a craftable car in Rust. I think it could be balanced in several ways. My idea is like this: You would only be able to drive fast at roads. Off-road would be possible, but drives slower than running.

This would emphesize building a base close to roads if you want a car. To protect your car, you need to have an external gate to fit the car through.

If horses may be ridable, they need protection. 1 shot from bolt and horse is dead.

bad ideia, one important need for cars is, bigger maps first… is really easy walk 10 min to reach any base in game… with car is like 4x fastter in the worst cenario (damaged car with bad engine and bad fuel) think about, cars run much better in plain terrain, cars can’t up mountains alread limiting this are really good, but cars still without really need right now, do more tiers and better optimization for start generating huge maps, i always build my base and go sleep when i wake up have others bases to mine really close, it is all the time

I had a hard time understanding everything you wrote, but I cant see why we would need such huge maps for making cars viable. If cars is limited to only be viable on roads, they will be balance out since you will be taking a huge risk every time you go on a drive. People will proably lay traps with mines, raiding parties etc. along the roads.