Hello Ppl is there any good toturials about making an vehicle i like ww2 and want modify dark rp to ww2 there are most tutorials on youtube

But there are no cars so i want create world war 2 cars for my server (rp)

and i dont know how to create cars are there any good tutorials i got gmod now 2 years or 3 but i never created addons just downloaded and installed

sry if u dont understand it im from german and my english is not so good


no you english not good.

Anyways, you could download cars at and look at the code they used, then modify it.

serious , im the first one who made a ww2rp server ? , why is everyone else trying to make it now?

I would recommend taking a look at some existing cars. You can browse through some car packs on If you look at how other vehicles are made, you’ll get a better understanding of how to make one yourself.

@blown - I highly doubt you are the first person to make a WW2-themed server.

Ye but how do i use the dod models to adding to the cars Thanks for posting


Nope ur not the only one i had one b4 at 2008 but i took it down no players

i has alot of players on my ww2 rp :S

ahh good does anyone know how to make a car drivible

Have you looked at examples?

i looked at scripts from other cars but my model from dod just got only body so im Making single models for the wheel but in the scripts are no wheels shown