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Vein’s my latest project in Garry’s Mod. Think of it as a combination of Project Zomboid and Epidemic.

Everything here is tentative and subject to change.


Vein is and always will be free.
It’s on an SVN if you want to try it:
Get the official maps here:

Required for players:

Required for servers:

To install this:

  • Checkout the svn to a folder named “Vein” in your gamemodes folder.
  • Download maps you want from the map SVN.
  • Read the readme. It’s updated often.
You get your name in the credits ingame across all servers and on this thread. Cheers!

Suggestions, comments, complaints, criticism… all welcome!

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To start the new thread off -
Would you guys be OK with guns being in containers by default, and disabling PVP damage? That’s the only thing I can think of that couldn’t be abused.

depends on the type of weapons in containers and how logical they would be

i.e it would be common to find stuff like a bat or maybe someting simplier like a hammer but make actual fireguns much harder to find

It would probably be better to do them, making PVP something you have to roleplay.

You can already find melee weapons in containers.

so L4D Content is no-longer needed?

It hasn’t been needed in weeks


I don’t think they can be abused. They is not that much ammo I don’t think it would be wasted

Fun gamemode, going to be interesting as to what other updates you’ll put in.

Could we get a more up to date gameplay video? I could whip one up for you if you want

Disable PVP? I just disagree with that part, I dealt with crazy survivors in my team before.

Can’t wait for new maps.

Very fun gamemode. Can’t wait for the new maps as well

Is that rain pure lua?
Or is the vis rain part of the map and the water drops on your screen are lua?

Sure, I’ll make one soonish

Yup, all lua

Guns dont need reloading
is this going to stay like this or are you going to add reloading?

Gonna stay like that

Working on rp_v_terminal - trying to brighten it up and get the lighting to play nice with HDR. If there’s one thing I learned from mapping for necro back in the day, it’s that people won’t RP in dark rooms, ever.

If that’s your own map then props to you.