Vein’s my latest project in Garry’s Mod. Think of it as a combination of Project Zomboid and Epidemic.

Everything here is tentative and subject to change.


It’s on an SVN if you want to try it:
As I have said, everything is tentative and subject to change, so it’s likely that you will have to redownload models and whatnot at some point in time.

Required for players:

Required for servers:

To install this:

  • Checkout the svn to a folder named “Vein” in your gamemodes folder.
  • Read the readme. It’s updated often.

You get your name in the credits ingame across all servers and on this thread. Cheers!

Suggestions, comments, complaints, criticism… all welcome!


Looking EPIC keep it up!

Seems nice, some points of improvement would be that the T-Posed characters look kind of silly in T-Pose, and the huge buttons are ugly when they are that large.

Diss, this is excellent. Hopefully it will lessen the amount of OpenAura servers.

I’ve always disliked motives because they clutter gameplay, you should try your hardest to minimalize the amount that exist. For example, you could probably combine exertion with sleep. The more running and melee you do, the faster your exertion bar would fill, and you’d have to sleep to clear it.

That’s just my take though.

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e: Also i love your zombies, do they have running animations in their models too? I was thinking of maybe taking my ReDead and completely changing its pace but i have absolutely no experience with rigging, animations, etc.

They do but they’re NMRIH zombies (

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Exertion is when you run too much, you start to slow down to a minimum of walking.

Clutter? It’s not really meant to be strictly fast-paced as far as I know. It’s meant to be self-paced. You have to control the pace, and if you can’t, well, that’s you failing to control the playing field as a player. Multitasking isn’t an option when it comes to playing hard and getting it right, it’s a necessity.

Thank god I have Beta, because this needs played right now.

Or when I get home, unfortunately :frowning:

But really, this is incredible work. Can’t wait to see what else you can do with it.

Oh my, this is amazing.
Nice work on this Diss.
Also, may I suggest some sort of possiblity for clothing?
For example, a combat armor.

This looks fucking amazing. One thing I would do though is add more guns to add more variety to the roleplay. I know they’re not needed or anything, but it’s nice not to see everybody walking around with the same two guns.

You could do that yourself?

There’s a buttload of melee weapons, which (to me) is much more exciting and challenging. Also, if I added more guns, there’d be a buttload of unrealistic guns and no ammo.

The guns in question are the shotgun and the revolver.

Yes, but it’s a pain in the ass to add all these weapons when someone else could do it a lot faster. Let’s face it, most people are going to want more guns.

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I don’t see how some guns are “unrealistic”. In an apocalypse, they would be hard to find, but they wouldn’t be impossible. I agree that melee weapons are more of a challenge. But most people don’t want to be constantly beating the shit out of zombies with an ax and that’s just the hard truth.

Everything looks pretty damn awesome…except for:


Easy to remove.

This looks amazing. I love both PZ and Epidemic.

I’d definitely be willing to help you out with this project in the mapping department if you need it.

PM me if you want to see some work or something.

Amazing job!

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: amazing job on this, Disseminate. Sadly I don’t have access to the GMod Beta, so I can’t test it myself, but from the media it looks amazing.
Good job on making a descriptive OP, too. Your character creation clothing idea is an idea I had myself a long time ago, but I figured that it’d be inefficent since the player would need to download a buttload of skins.

damn nigga i see you releasin shit

As for adding guns do it yourself. It’s modular for a reason.

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svn doesn’t work 405 method not allowed?

could be me


That’s a very bad excuse. Just because something is modular, it doesn’t mean there can’t be more weapons. Like I said, most everybody is going to get tired of seeing people running around with the two same guns. Not that I won’t add any guns if I end up using this, it’s just developers need to think about what the majority of people want for their communities. When I think of modular, I think of a feature that would be very custom, not a few new weapons. Anyway, I’m not trying to bitch. The issue I bring up really isn’t that important. As for the SVN, it doesn’t seem to work for me either. I think it might be because this is a GMod 13 gamemode from the way Disseminate makes it sound.

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It’s not working for me. Are you sure you fixed it?