Progress site

This is a map that i started April the 13’th.
And now i started finishing it. It’s aimed for the 12’th May.
I haven’t’t got a lot pictures yet i’ll upload some later
Design:It’s a old combine base with a giant office, a “basement”, and a little more.
I made it back in 06 for Half life 2 deathmatch but it’s gonna be used for a gamemode i’m working on.
Funny animation of the office (You might have to restart/close your tab/browser to see it and it doesn’t loop, sorry. And beware! It’s big!)
Oh and last thing, the images you see are old.

So that’s it for now. I’ll post some more pictures tommorow.

Sorry but I think it doesn’t look all that exciting.

It really doesn’t look like much. Also, the office has so much
repetition! ( i.e. 100 rows of the same desk and chair ) In the gif.

Yeah, your map was great to play on :smiley:

Very Deathmatchy.

Juyst add more than one spawnpoint D:

Well, just did. Also i fixed the missing wall. Now some texture work and some small stuff is left. I’ll get pictures soon.


This thread is from 2007 bro.

talk about necro-posting.

OP, your links aren’t working.

Clock’d :cop:

Necromancer Achievement.