Velocity stablization

im trying to make a stable platform with wire for use in a helicopter, i know the general jist of how to do it with only thrusters, but the plate shakes wildly. anyone know a way to do this without the plate killing itself?

the way im doing this is using standard gates(I didnt feel like writing another expression) and a gyroscope to tell if one side of the plate was dipping, and thrusters would compensate, but the thrusters overcompensate and the plate would wind up shifting from side to side rapidly.

You need to add what I like to call rebound, which prevents the thrusters from overcompensating.

Spawn an entity marker and an angular velocity gate (under gate - entity). Link the entity marker to the plate, then wire the angular velocity gate’s ‘entity’ input to the entity marker. Then spawn an angle subtract gate, and subtract what you had before minus the angular velocity gate. You may also need to use an anglular multiply gate to multiply the angular velocity gate by a little bit to add more rebound, then rewire the subtract gate to the multiply one.


@name Stab
@inputs Entity:entity
@persist Ang

Shuf that into an E2 gate, slap an entity marker on whatever you want stable, link that marker to the entity input on the E2, Tadah! :slight_smile:

P.S just made that up on the top of my head so might wanna tweak that “*10”