(Should I take this to the wiremod forums, or what?(Also, is this the wrong sub-forum?))

So I am messing around in wiremod, trying to make a nice little radar-gun, to measure speeds with. Now, this is obviously a relatively simple task, but in the effort to make it a little nice to look at, I would love to show the speed in both km/h and mph. This can be achieved by simple math, and I know one gmod unit is one inch.

What I DO need to know - and have not found elsewhere - is what the velocity output from the wired beacon sensor is telling me. I am given a number, obviously changing with how fast my target moves, but no indication as to what unit of time it uses. I suppose it is using the gmod unit of distance, but I need to know in what amount of time I am travelling the distance the wired beacon sensor is telling me.

Again, if Im posting in the wrong place, redirect me there. I have to admit I werent too carefull in checking this whole site before asking this semi-urgent question.

I’m pretty sure its 1 Source unit per second.

That doesn’t really sound very fast.

I’ve been sat in the jeep going at (what is supposedly) 56 units per second, which is only a little bit wider than the player, and I was clearly going much faster.

I always just assumed it was in miles per hour.


wait, i just read the wired beacon part. Does the beacon give a different output to the wired speedometer? If it does, disregard my post.

Correct Dimensions: