Velvet Assassin Character Models

Format :Fbx

Bones: yes (but not skinned)

textures in HD


Wouldn’t it be easier to export an smd or md5mesh from blender? To keep the bones skinned. I assume you are using the blender import script

are they rigged in blender? I didnt check but I remember the maker of the script saying something about connecting the bones or nodes

Wow, we truely need those models, especially the Violette in the army suit and regular clothes. :smile:

These look very pretty.

I’m fairly certain they are, as the person that made the script made this pic

I’d do it myself, but can’t without actually having the game.

ah ima have to look more into this cause id like to get them rigged, but first I need to learn the actual controls of blender XD

excuse me the delay I was studying…

unfortunately not use blender correctly. I’m not familiar with that program.