Velvet Assassin

violet in her dress
this is prolly ganna be one of my last few releases here, next will be kotor stuff then im done with gmod
**Face posing
*body groups
jiggle bones (hair)
group 1-1 takes the dress off

ps. sorry for the massive clipping with her dress
credit to mariokart64n for original model rip

I know the picture is really stupid
visit for other updates on wips ect

Looks good.

Awesome. :v:

[Edited] :


You’ll be the most missed person on the forum.
Second only to Garry of coarse.

porting things to garrys mod just doesn’t appeal to me anymore, I learned how to in the beginning cause I wanted more things to make poses with, but now I don’t even do poses anymore so when i’m done with a model and check to see if it has glitches then release it, I don’t use them anymore.

When you do the same fucking thing over and over again, it’s crazy.

Plasmi…? You are leaving…? :frowning:

You will be missed. Missed much.

^^ that was me when I was working on mass effect models…

I lol’d, and no im not leaving just not making ports anymore

Out of curiosity, what game is this character from? I don’t recognize her.

Velvet Assassin

Thank god!! But your stuff is awesome… i mean at least minus 10% quality for fp.

FP needs more anime :smiley: only way is to force it down FPs throat and make them accept it, actually it would help if half the anime ports didn’t look like complete shit, no offense to the people who do them

I’ll make sure to make that one of the last few things I do here

ah well, it will be sad to see you gone plasmid, but ah well, there are other sites that have your stuff right?


but i do have a question regarding that site,

did you forget to put in Isabella from Deadrising, or have you nearly completed it, or is someone els working on it?


Will miss your ports plasmid. But I guess one has to move on sooner or later.
Doing the same stuff does take the magic out of it after avail.

Could have made the normal version as well

I could have but this show came on and I was like, ok ill watch that, then I destroyed the source files

Don’t cha’ just hate it when that happens.

Cheers, Plasmid. Thanks for all your releases.

Atleast you’re not leaving in a huff like MarioKart.