In essence it is female_02 head hacked onto a model from the korin pack with an altered skin.

Install as you would any other model.

You may modify this model in any way you want.
Credit goes to the maker of the Korin pack and Valve.[/media]

Erm, cool?

Bitch aint got no ass, ya digg?

Pretty cool model. :v:

She looks really ugly and has a disproportionate head. Not my cup of tea.

ooh, MILF.

is she atleast head and finger poseable?
that goes a long way

hahaha! Double you tee ef!

That’s fuckin weird.


Looks like the goddess bunny but taller and gained a little weight :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s creepy as fuck she looks like my mom.

I think she’s pretty fucking hot.

I am not a picky man.

Can I um, get some pictures to compare? :razz:

Sweet dude, just think: thousands of people will masturbate to the likeness of your mother.

Says Darwin^. No joke.

You mean Freud?

Oh lord, I can see it now, “The Women of Half-Life 2 Collection”.