Venatus Defero | Authorized Vanilla PERP1!

Please lock and or delete, community has been closed.

Do you know how to read hunts him self allowed them to run there script…

Still is leaked, though.
Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of PERP so I might end up stopping by sometime.

How do you know it’s leaked? Maybe Hunts gave it to them.

It isnt a leak if you give some 1 something… that is the Original Copy modified

Maybe it is the leak, maybe not. Who knows. Also nobody will take you seriously with that kind of grammar just saying.

This is a pretty fun server coming from a old perp player, really adds a twist and new experience to the gamemode, There are still some bugs here and there, but its all being fixed.

They are adding more and more things in the near future.

This is the best copy of the perp that there ever was.

Here is a link to the website of the servers.

No, because that community is ran and played by ex PE administrators/community members…

They got permission to run the script.

The gamemode they’re using is leaked, they didn’t get it from the maker, but the maker gave them permissions to use it (yeah, it’s complicated xD)

i want to play but can’t damn gmod update mess up sever


I want to play, but I can’t, damn gmod update messes up the server.

Server will be fixed shortly

Animation updates fucked pretty much every RP gamemode, hah.

nexus has decent animations after the update

Well that’s because he fixed them.

Lynx here (One of the 3 owners of Venatus Defero). Myself and Bob the Builder (who as I believe is permanently banned from FP for being an idiot too much in threads) were in a multi-user chat on steam with hunts and got full authorization to run, host, modify, and such for all PE gamemodes prior to PERP2. We have been updating and fixing the PERP script for a few weeks now and are continuously working on both it and GMR to bring the best gaming experience of any server running these gamemodes.

Get hunts to post in this thread, so people won’t call you liars.

No, he’s legit.
They actually did get permission after the exploit-fest that brought down PERP1.