Call me mad all you like but I now have had 3 seperate friends confirm in game that BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I want you in my room is Playing on a LOOP in the background of the game if you turn music off and just have the ambient sound turned up…

Go check it out… some one was listening to vengaboys while recording the sound for this game haha :smiley:

Anyone else noticed?

Can you make a short video recording? I don’t have Rust so I can’t confirm, but it does sound pretty funny.

Similarly, if you listen carefully, you can hear talking in the background when the animals bark at you.

I’ll have them shrooms

I heard that if you go to Big Rad and stand in the middle and face north take 5 steps left and 3 back then turn 90• crouch 5 steps and jump. Now turn you’re PC monitor upside down and hit enter. Nothing happens. Really! But that’s onley what I heard, haven’t tested it yet.

Place explosive charge into your 6th hotbar slot. You must now go to Small Rad, fight a red wolf and then IMMEDIATELY use fly hack to get to Cinnabar Island. Surf along the coast line to encounter a wild MissingNo. After you defeated him, the explosive charge will have a count of 128. Can anyone confirm that?

Laugh all you like, I’m right and have confirmed it with 2 other friends :smiley:

I can make the game straight to night by holding the power button down for 4 seconds.

I don’t get why your all making fun of something that is clearly there and worth a mention? If anything I would assume it might need fixing before some copyright troll claims it’s infridging thier rights lol… trust me it happens!

Or, it’s something fairly well known and they’re just bored.
Quite a few sound effects were recorded quickly on the fly to fill an obvious gap. Over time these will be cleaned up.
And you can clearly hear that the burning torch was recorded at a braai/barbeque while they were doing marshmellows.

pretty funny. I swear I hear traffic or something at some point because I find my self wondering if its an airdrop every once in a while

I thought I heard that!!! Kept thinking my wife was talking me and I heard it weird because of my headset!!! Thank you for confirming my non-insanity!

lol…before I worked out it was an artefact in the actual in game sound effect, I kept thinking it was the neighbour’s TV.