Venice style house in forest (scene built)

gm_flatgrass and ingame.

flatgrass angle:

Prev. ones:

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(Sex pose) Tongue ‘thingy?’:

House on pillars-My biggest fully furnitured house, complete from all angle,flatgrass

You’re amazing, dude.

Not a bad scenebuild you got there.

Why hello thar.

Fantastic build as usual. Lol I love the ducks.

Only little issues are the strange camera angle (wouldn’t it look nicer if we were seeing the house from the tree-line path, perhaps?) and the oddly blue water.

Still, a great picture.

WHAT!? How did you do that!? I want those Props and such, they look amazing!

I like those strong and bright colors for some reason, especially the water

Wow, that really should be a separate map! It sure looks like one. I want your skills!

Nice to see another awesome scene build kalixx

It seems it has been decades since you last time posted… Glad to see you havent’t gone anywhere :downs:


That’s a huge shadow.

You are awesome at building, keep it up man.

Good job, but I think it would be much better if you edit this picture in photoshop, certainly if you want.

Right. Sadly I don’t have the skills to do that.

Thanks for comments!

Not bad. But the water should be darker.

that’s very good!