Well, since Awwent decided to leak my shitty tacoedit( yes another one, I don’t give a fuck ) I will upload my recent shitty broken version, since im working on ts2 ye

So in all, its a modification of a modification containing shit code and copy-pasta.

– FootSteps for combine etc
– TS2 Post-Processing Effects
– TS2 Style [Y] and [W] chat (big and small fonts( you’re going to have to look through the script to find the function for it ) )
– Copy pasta TS2 Intro
– Copy Pasta BananaVGUI stuff ( never finished re-doing TS1 vgui )
– Various Flags
– Various Chat Commands
– Toggleable sitting and other various animations
– Scoreboard and name fix :3
– Pick up items using ts_hands and right click (modified Dragged Shit With E Mod )–broken i thinkidk
– Death & Pain Sounds
– CP Model Chooser
– Various Chat Colours for Event, dispatch etc
– Main menu thingy with music
– Re-done TS1 Vgui



thnx to Awwent - Releasing it and being a stupid silly rp tr0oll
Shoar - bothering me alot
rick dark - ts2 code lol
janorkie - scroll code
the guy who made the drag shit with e mod
backstabers - people who think they coded this shit( I’m looking at you Kirillarmas )

good luck to you people fixing the tons of broken shit.

What, I didn’t bother you.

get out


Ha ha! Goes to show your friends suck cack. Get better ones. As for the script shitty and messy code.

yes, u r rite

Unless you plan to use this and know how to code don’t bother.

Correction, don’t use it all.

It’s broken, laggy and overall horrible, it will cause your hoster to yell at you for using too much bandwidth

From the screens, the edit looks very nice. I’ll check out the code when I get home. If its as messy as everyone says, I’ll try to take a look at it and clean it up a bit. I’ll post back once I’ve had a chance to take a look at it.