Venom is coming for ya!

It might need some cropping because it’s big.
Also, it would have been cool if this model is faceposeable but it isn’t.

You know what to do.

(PS. It’s venom if you don’t know.)

I like the lighting.

800x600 isn’t big. It’s rather small. If it is the resolution you refers to.

Nice light by the way.

No, it’s because you see too much from everything else than the focal.

Not really. I think it’s fine as it is.

this pose reminds me of a scene from the ps1/n64 spiderman when he transforms…only alought better and more awesome

(PS:the lighting is fantastic, also what map is that?)

Angle and lights are nice.

also i got this as an npc (which is like a remodel of a rebel, im gonna request something awesome soon) and a playermodel


i wish i could post some images of venom…i could of if my keyboard shelf hadnt fallen on my fricking computer…

As already mentioned, great lighting and the scene looks fitting too.

also when my computer is fixed im gonna make a venom statue as an advance duplicator prop

question, reqular venom in gold color? or the white material and gold color…oh and im gonna use a breen desk with stone materials for the stand

also another question, standing up or crouching down?

This kinda isn’t the place mate.

Also very nice picture, but I reccomend you size it up a bit.

Interesting style. I like it.

This has inspired me, I might make a venom pic soon.
Great job man.