HL2RP | OpenAura | Dedicated

Hello everyone, I am Nedward (obviously). I am the lead admin and owner of Venomous Gaming. We are a serious roleplay community that is currently using HL2RP, and Severance.

I want to introduce our community to you because I believe you will enjoy playing on my servers. During the day we average around 18-25 people on our HL2RP server at one time. Our community is currently running off of a powerful dedicated server on a fiber optic connection.

We are currently seeking active members and community contributors. Here is our game-monitor image:

Here is our logo:

We look forward to seeing you!

Another HL2RP server running OpenAura… Sigh
These are becoming way too common. Why won’t anyone try to do something more original?

This is your second thread and I’ve been to your server it’s… decent I guess.

People is lazy to write their roleplaying background.