Ventmob Reboot

Would it be cool if we released ventmobRP with just a diffrent name?

No because you steal the gamemode, dont change anything at all except the name, thats just shit.

I think you are getting it wrong, the gamemode is bugged, we have debugged it and updated some things, we are very happy about the result

You stole a gamemode, doesn’t matter if you change the WHOLE gamemode, it’s still other guy work, you won’t be well received if you do that

How can you see it as stealing, Applejack/Cider is an open source wich is free of use.

Lua is an open source languaje, and is free of use, but not for that, you can just modify everything and release other people works, because doesn’t matter the platform, you’re stealing

I’m pretty sure Ventmob’s Applejack gamemode was released for free by Lexi himself.


That website seems to be saying that you can release it as long as you give credit to the original authors.

do you mean cool as in it’s fine to do it or cool as if people would find it cool with ventmob copy being up? since you seem to know it’s free to use it’s weird if you ask here for permission.

and isn’t like Fearless RP based on Cider?

FearlessRP is cider only edited with alot of things, like they took their time changing all the tables in the gamemode. But what i meant was basic cider, like it used to be with a little bit of editing

so what are you asking? if people in developer discussion thinks it’d be cool with a ventmob server of if it’s ok you do it?

There’s no gamemode called “VentmobRP”. If you mean Applejack/Cider, that’s open source afaik, the experimental ‘Bootleg’ was never even hosted/released beyond test servers.

Nothing wrong with using open source material, as long as there’s credit where credit’s due, right?


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Ventmob RP was a server wich was using applejack, if people like it we’ll do it.

I asked if you want to know if it’s ok for you to do it, or if you ask if people here wants you to do it, “yeah” isn’t an answer, it’s either one or two :stuck_out_tongue:

Ventmob (not RP, you dont necessarily add RP to every community name). If you want to start a server using fixed Applejack then you shouldn’t ask it in Developer Discussions, it’s for gmod coding generally.

People just need to say: Yes or No…

Why would you even ask this question? Why would you even want a response from this question.

Err, i’m starting to get confused. Like busan asked; are you asking if you should create a community called Ventmob in order to somehow revive what it once was or are you asking if you should host a server that runs a similair gamemode to what Ventmob used to run?

host a server that runs a similair gamemode to what Ventmob used to run

That’s up to you really, only piece of advice would be to spice it up a little instead of just using the basic cider/applejack. You’ll have to make it stand out from all the other RP servers running these gamemodes in order to gain and maintain a playerbase