Venture PvP! Peer created, admin supported - A new Rust Essentials server with a heavy community focus

Welcome to Venture! My name’s Derek. We know community interaction is really important to Rust as a game, and we’d like to only enhance that experience with total immersion through personality-rich players and fair administrators. [del]If you’re not committed to playing with a select community, then we discourage your choice to join[/del] Don’t worry about it, if you’re not interested in staying long-term that’s totally fine, have some fun anyway!

Server Information
To join the server, use the F1 button in the main menu to open the Rust Console. From there, enter:


Think for a moment, what’s the best Rust server you’ve played on? Well, if you can think of one, we’re trying to match that. If you can’t think of one, we’ll hopefully be remembered in the future as your favorite server. Rust is always better with friends (and enemies). Our goal when creating this server was to focus on player-player interaction specifically, and the best way to do that is to have involved players. Involved players allows for some fantastic friendships that continually strengthen your personal experience, and becoming an involved player applies that to everyone you interact with. Robust friendships and alliances, bitter hatreds and rivalries; both extremes and everything in between make for a fantastic gaming experience that we’re hoping to allow for you to create!

Log on and you immediately jump into a conversation with friends consulting the capture of one of the most infamous bandits. Two smaller communities have combined and finally subdued the mastermind’s long and immoral spree. All rejoice at his incarceration, and cheer for his death; the player dedicated to his capture demands his release so he alone may complete his mission. Surviving with a group of bandits is dangerous, but it seems easy to come together to try to free your ally. You and your clan of bandits decides unanimously to re-unite themselves with their captured leader. Familiar enemies and familiar allies clash, as airplanes boom overhead.


Audio/text spam is not allowed

All players are susceptible to raiding / pillage / war

Excessive Racism and verbal bullying will not be tolerated

All bans are subject to be without warning! We do not forgive easily. We expect quality, not quantity.


Can I get admin/moderator? - Most likely, no. But there are occasions. - But I’m nice and I own servers too. - Sorry!

What mods are installed? - Currently, we’re only using thomasfn’s Oxide

Why not one of the other hundreds of servers? - Our interest in long-term support for the Rust game means that you’ll always have a place to play the game you love, with people you know and with administrators you like! (Also see features list below)

In order to avoid the long list of features in the title, I’ve opted to list some of our features here:

Teleportation requests (Find friends fast!)

100 slots and low pings (Based in Central US - Thanks HFBServers! Highly Recommended)

Starter kits (Get moving quick!)

Events (Multiple airdrops and other scenarios)

Custom Loot spawns (Easier drops for newer players to defend themselves!)


1/4 Craft Time

Active and reliable administrators

No c4 crafting (Discourage mass raiding / protect newer players)

There currently is no whitelist enabled.

Thanks for reading. Cannot wait to see you in-game! Remember to say hey to me (Derek)!

Very nice server, was able to find all my friends and start playing together instantly! Much easier then trying to fumble around with the map and your surroundings.

Thanks! Do you have any feedback? What’s your opinion on teleport requests?

Well I find it really nice to be able to group up with friends however once players are fully geared out it seems like it could be abused, haven’t seen it abused yet but I could see it happening in the future.

I’ve since limited the TPA to 10 per server restart, for now. Hopefully that discourages mid-raid tpa for the moment. I’ve also moved from Rust Essentials to Oxide and changed some of the loot drops to fit our server. C4 is still just as abundant, however, crafting c4 is no longer possible with no explosives in airdrops. If I find any of the loot changes are ineffective or countereffective to my goal of a safer server for newer players, I’ll change them in time. Thanks!