Venus-Studios Dev recruitement

Okay before i start, no this is not an “i need modelers/coder/etc for my gamemode cause i can’t do it myself” thread.

This is about a community that already has fluent developers and is looking to expand with more.


vStudios is currently working on a phew projects and is looking for modelers/mappers/coders/texturers/machinima-makers etc…etc… to be a part of our community.

Our current projects are:

DropDead - A zombie survival [RP/RPG]
vScript - Real life roleplay.

We have 2 servers and will be getting more when our projects are finished.

If you are interested in this community please visit.
vStudios Website

Some screenshots of what Venus-Studios is currently working on.

[release]DropDead - Zombie survival RPG
By skills to use weapons

Keeps zombies away from the safezone/town

Weapon trader

Zombie and the HUD



**vScript - Real life roleplay**


Inventory and me setting my radio frequency

The hud, Small but elegant

Yes that’s right, the cars have boots! Each car has a specific holding amount.


DropDead looks interesting. Any plans for a release date?

vScript is about 75% done.

DropDead is pretty much finished. I just haven’t setup another server to test all the new code. Because our DEV server is currently running vScript.

Dedicated box coming next week and vScript launch party soon after!