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Hello, Greetings from we specialize in gaming and role play. We are new community ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum, as well as role play. Venus Studios was founded by Averice. We at would like too give you the best gaming experience you could ever have, We are always open for accepting new members who love to role play, So if you think you got the guts? join the forums to keep up-to-dated on the game mode.

The Gamemode

We currently have two game modes under development by our very skilled coders. The one we are going to talk about is ‘Drop Dead RPG’.

Drop Dead is a garrysmod gamemode type Zombie Apocalypse [RPG/RP]


-Player Saving:- Save all your info/credits/skill Etc.
-Interactive NPCs:- Shop keepers, Weapon Merchants, Skill merchants and Quests
-Npc’s with random voice patterns:- All NPC’s interact vocally with you
-Skill System:- No more using weapons just b ecause you can afford them.
-Inventory:- Interactive Inventory with new featues
-Experience:- Experience and level up systems to seperate the crowds.
-Player created Factions:- Fight other factions for territory, or create an alliance
-Zombies:- Strong Zombies, They run faster, hit harder and have alot more hp
-Stamina:- Running from a zombie? Better save your energy
-Quests:- Specific quests for specific levels.
-Safezones and Towns:- Safezones where zombies cannot get to you.
-Simple Chat system:- Don’t like the clutter and confusion of bigger systems?


Drop Dead RPG Server will soon buy a 10-20 slot server for there newest gamemode. We will be using ‘Drop Dead RPG’ game mode too see if it can handle it. We will soon be opening beta testing which you can apply for on We will be currently using the map ‘gm_atomic’ as it is the perfect fitting for this gamemode.

Venus Studios

Venus Studios is the original makers from MMOSuite, We have come a long way with RP and are still holding our ground with our newest and greatest RPG game mode which will hopefully make everyone who loves some fun and role play to enjoy it.

The Team

Lead Coder: Averice

Admins: Averice

Farewell Will like to say thank you for reading this short brief about our community and game mode, You can find further information on our website,

Looks like a group with potential

This looks good for an RPG game mode but not RP.

Oh god just read the MMOSuite part.

And your problem is?

Noone said Drop-Dead is an RP gamemode, it’s an RPG, there’s more then 1 gamemode being made.

You contradict yourself.
This forum is for people who want to Advertise their Roleplaying Servers, not their RPG/Grindfest/Levelup Gamemodes.

[R]ole [P]laying [G]ame

Also… if you’d like to learn to fucking read… you’d see we’ve said multiple times, that there is more than 1( 1 < More than 1 ) gamemode being made… we mentioned the one that will be Live first…
And there are RolePlay aspects in Drop-Dead just not as many as a fill blown rp script…

** Drop-Dead is now taking closed beta applications ** Apply here:- Click

Well considering you didn’t post information about the “role play” aspect in the GMOD role play forums, there’s a bit of confusion.

And the first one I ever saw on facepunch.
I expected a bad machinima filmgroup or something.

Keep up with the good work, guys!

When i’m ready to i will, not much of the “Gameplay” is done on the RP script just some core parts to make the rest easier.

MMOSuite ded bro, leave what happened behind and forgotten.

Sorry to bump this but i saw no real purpose in making a new thread about this:

Our Real-Life RP Script is now under-construction( Has been for about 2 weeks now ) and should be on a server within the next month or 2(Depends on how lazy i decide to be or not to be).

Drop-Dead is approximaetly 80% complete and will be on hold until the RP script is complete( As the final stages of Drop-Dead will be the biggest i want to wait until the RP server is up and going so i have all the time in the world to work on the last big update for DD)


Update: If anyone is interested in the progress of vScript, all posts containing progress updates will now be posts. Here.

To Averice, I still have the vScript code with me :smiley: