Verdun Materials/Mesh's (Sorta)

So, I done what I can. But I exported some of the materials and mesh’s from the game. I can’t find any good for them, but somebody else may need them more than I, so here they are. It includes the materials for the Characters, Weapons, Gear, and other miscellaneous junk. There are little abbreviations in some of the titles like the weapons have a ‘3p’ which I think most people know is ‘Third Person Textures’. If I find anymore of these, I’ll upload them and put links on here. I went ahead and included the mesh’s as well, but unless if someone knows how to export them as an Obj. then go for it. It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Download Mirror 1:

Download Mirror 2:!LBEmHIpJ (Decryption Key: !YVpnq-8TzbQCnzP__yg5x9Lrz7k27p6ES-v3XW2Nt9Q )


Well it’s a step in a good way, now someone should be able to figure out what kind of a model format is that.

From what I can understand, it’s a Unity Format that can be hexed from it’s current format to an .obj

I think it involves with disunity, but I couldn’t get it.