Verdun Weapons/Props Pack

This is in admist that the rights of Blackmill Game Studios and M2H Studios has all rights to these models and that the following porters and contributors take no rights what so ever. We do not withheld any claims of creating these models in anyway what so ever.

After many many years, we finally have models ported and compiled from the World War 1 First-Person Shooter Game called Verdun.

This pack includes an array of props, weapons, and even vehicles that are appropriate for its time.

Download Link:

Workshop Link [Rifles]

Models: Blackmill/M2H Verdun Team
Porting: Rikugun/The Devils Own
Textures: The Devils Own/Hauptmann

This is the beginning pack of a compiled selection also created with pistol and machine guns from the game Verdun. It includes all types of rifles from different factions and countries that include the French Empire, the British Empire, the Belgium Empire, and the German Empire

Again, I along with the following contributors do not take credit for the creation of any of these weapons and all rights are reserved to the original creators of the video game called Verdun. Thank you for subscribing and have a great day.

Screenshots were done by Hauptmann, ragdolls are not included in the pack.

Been waiting for this my whole life!

Where can I get the ragdolls?

Awesome work mate.

Well, hopefully the ragdolls that actually make sense with the weapons get released as well.

Oh man I’d give my left nut for those ragdolls, weapons are good too

I’d just wait till Battlefield rules out in stores. then we’d be in buidness with HQ looking models :smiley:

I don’t imagine they’d be very accurate though, Battlefield has its habits with slapping every military-esque accessory to their character models.

I like the way their models look. to me personally, they’re the best looking models i’ve seen yet. And Battlefront’s models. Woah ^^

That’s the problem with Battlefront though. It LOOKS nice, but they spent so much of the budget on the graphics that the final game left a lot to be desired.

Plus if BF1’s models contain inaccurate accessories we can just edit them out :v:

Yeah, i agree, they’re FINAllY Lazily, adding an “Instant Action” mode called Skirmish. contains only TWO MODES wtf.

These are really nice.

Battlefield One models aren’t even close to realistic. They will do for the public though. The ragdolls I was told aren’t being released to the public, only to a select few people. Check out the steam workshop comments and you’ll mostly likely understand why.

Yep, by the will of the author of the Brits ragdolls, they’ll never get a public release.

That’s a damn shame, any chance he’ll tell anybody else how he did it?

So now there’s weapon models but no people to go with them?

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Oh, there are Brits available.

I’m not understanding the logic behind a large release of WWI models but not the ragdolls.

I mean, I probably have a pretty good idea what the “reason” is but I’d like to hear the excuse first hand.

The OP and the guy who worked on the ragdolls aren’t the same people. The ragdolls’ author told me he wants to know who he is giving his models to to prevent asshats to claim his work as theirs and to “punish” one guy who kept being an annoying cunt to him but still wants the models. That’s all I know, he’s registered here so it would be better if he explains himself here.


Anyway BF1’s open beta is coming in August so I’m sure someone will manage to rip the models and will port some of them, and change what’s not accurate so with a bit of patience, everyone’s gonna have HQ WW1 models, instead of edited RS meshes with some Verdun assets slapped on them.

Hello, i am very sorry for all these question wondering around as to why the Uniforms are not getting released, i am the creator of those ragdolls, heres why i do not want to release them Publicly, first off i strive to make a community in the form of a Group on STEAM, people who have acess to these groups gets acess to the models, you see. i don’t want the public to use my models, i want you guys to keep in mind that those tunics you see are my edited tunics, none of those are straight ports, i had to edit the tunics myself, so anyone can take my model and take credits for them, you see, i share these models with people i do know and people i am sure will abide by the rules, i stated rules for the usage of these models, i am not sure if you are aware. but in some other software like XNALARA and some other, models sometimes has rules, what you can and can’t do, and if i release them to the public i can’t make sure they are all abiding by it, i limited it to the people i know will abide by the rules. and some people who can even contribute to the models, like Hauptmann and DevilsOwn. when my model was first revealed to the public people were bashing at Necrovision models, i never intended to get people to hate on Necros model, i respect the 3D Artist of those games, but some people in the community are ungratefull and will ask for more, if you compare it to my groups members, they dont ask for alot of things, infact they take any model i gave to them, and sometimes even report bugs they are not ungratefull, they dont ask for more and more they just wait, and doesn’t spam me with question like “will you do bulgarians? can you do serbian”? and i know that the community will ask for more if i give it to them, hence i’ve made a decision to only give it to a few i know that are respectable and understands my current situation with the models, who doesnt blindly ask for more but instead wait propperly.’

That doesn’t mean you people will never EVER get to touch the models,
people that i do know, that i am fammiliar with doesnt have to know or be fammiliar with me, can have these models

i just have to know who you are.
if you are an active facepunch member, and post alot in several threads like the screenshot threads

then for sure you will get access to the models.

another thing, is you have to be friendly and be willing to follow the rules i stated, if you have anything against the rules i stated,
if you think they are stupid or anything, that i am afraid you do not meet the standards to recieve my models.

If you want to vote disagree or anything on this post, i am fine. however i stand by my rules.

Well I’ll be honest and say that I do appreciate a legitimate response rather than “because. Learn to do it yourself.” Which has been said in many cases in the past. I don’t necessarily agree entirely because if you want to get technical, you’re still hacking together other people’s assets and not necessarily making everything from scratch. Unless you modeled all those characters yourself?

Either way, I’m not gonna change your mind or anything so it is what is. At least it’s a better reason than just being a douche.

I do imagine we’ll see a crazy ton of ports once BF1 comes out though. Verdun does have a good amount of variety though. Hopefully more people jump on the opportunity!