verifying my account on

today i found out that you need to verify your account on

so i went ahead and attempted to do so, but when i came to the part of were i had to put the [gmodorg|2d588a375123bbacfc80d1d5c96fb77f] on my steam page i did it, but the website says its not on my page, i have gmod (i didnt pirate it, i bought it) what am i doing wrong? please help. i set my settings all to public.



Perhaps you put in a wrong link or something. Also: Make sure you have a Community Page set up.

There’s a help thread for this already:

You need to set up a custom URL to your Steam profile. The thread I linked to tells you how to do this.

make sure that your profile is Open to the Public

He’s already done that. The link to his steam profile is below his avatar.