Version change log

Is there a web page that has a version log WITH version numbers along with the current version number? When searching for one, I only run across an old one for legacy.

Also is there any chance that we can get the devs to state the version number on the playrust news page when speaking of a release rather than just referring to it as “update”?


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I am primarily refering to the server

Every update is numbered we are on devblog 47. If you want a full update list of every single little thing they change. Then go to They do not specify updates by version numbers but by the date.

Not the devblog number, the server build number. Like my server currently is running build or protocol 1207. I see nothing that correlates … say Blog 47 to a protocol or version number. Correct me if I am wrong.

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However, thank you for the link. It will be VERY helpful. :smile: