Vertex animations in Source

Is it possible to export vertex animations to source?
I always thought it isn’t possible, but according to this page:

it seems that there is a way.
So I hope the community may help me.
Thanks in advance


Flexes are vertex animations. So yes. Though they aren’t called in the same way as skeletal anims. As far as I know.

It’s done via morph targets and an export to vta.

Can you, or anyone else point me to a tutorial, or at least to some instructions on how to compile vertex animations into gmod ?

Never mind, I found someting.

There was another tutorial at HL2World Wiki, but it seems the whole wiki is down now, sadly. It was a really good tutorial, I wish I could have saved some tutorials from that site on my PC, but I really didn’t expect the site to get “dead” some day.

Can they be called as part of an animation event? Because I’ve been tempted to use vertex animation to make an ocean effect and it’d be really handy if I didn’t have to tweak a scripted sequence for the whole thing.

Would this work on bigger objects? Because SDK wiki says it doesn’t.
(My hopes are it refers only to ep1 and not to orangebox.)
I’d want to get this into gmod.

The diameter of it is a bit smaller then a gmod stargate.

I do not think you will get that in garry’s mod

Yeah, that’s what I tought. :frowning:

Well, you could, but it wouldn’t look as nice, due to the fact that you’d have to keep the polycount reasonable.

What do you mean? The polycount on that is about 15k.

I think he means make it lower than 15k.

Oh, I see.
How much is “reasonable”?

That’s lower than I expected. In that case, you could probably work something like that out, but it would be tricky. Vertex animation in Source only allows for two frames per vertex animation. Now, what you could do, is make a series of animations and LUA code them to play in succession.

No the polygon limit for source is way higher than that, I’ve been able to easily compile models of nearly 40,000 triangles and load them in game with no issues at all.

To be honest though I really don’t think you will be able to use vertex animations on a object like that due simply to the fact that vertex animation in the orange box engine only works as a transition between two different states. The only way you could animate something that complicated in source would be to use hundreds of bones which would be stupidly hard to do. It’s an effect which is better suited to particles, not models.

The problem is that for the current gmod stargates it’s done by particles, and it looks pretty shitty.

Wait till particle blobs with the Portal 2 SDK/engine.

Or port them from Alien Swarm to your custom mod and use them in that, seen as you can’t make a Source 2009 mod yet.