Vertex Error issue, can't find a solution.

For about the past 3 weeks, I’ve had the error “Error Vertex File for ‘weapons/w_mach_m249para.mdl’ checksum -767271107 should be 1410067903”. I’ve been unable to find a fix, I’ve tried many solutions (such as re-installing CS:S/Gmod, the error cleanse workshop mod, backing up the files and restoring and so on.) I feel I should also note, that I’m 100% certain it has to do with the huge (though, I’m sure you could guess) as it is invisible when not equipped. Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated, as it spams the hell out of my console and drops me to about 10 fps whenever a huge is on the map.

If I knew at the very least of an idea where the file for it might be, I might be able to fix it myself, unfortunately I’m guessing that its stored in a .vpk or something.