Vertex Errors for Kliener.mdl

My console likes to spam:
Error Vertex File for ‘Kleiner.mdl’ checksum -2040624710 should be -672980844
Error Vertex File for ‘Kleiner.mdl’ checksum -2040624710 should be -672980844
I always hated Kliener, but didnt want him to leave my game D: Anyone playing as Dr. Kleiner is invisible to me. All I can see is a faint blue glow where their physgun should be. I don’t see a physgun. I have tried reextracting the models into gmod and all taht, and I REALLY dont wanna reinstall. Could anyone tell me how to get this file fixed using files from the GCFs steam put on my computer? (Dont ask for a condump, since the entire condump file is like 50 lines of this error) I have tried doing a verify integrity, and no luck :stuck_out_tongue: I have also replaced kliener.mdl with a kliener.mdl from my server, still the same error, im putting it in models/players :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete the files you’ve tried using as a replacement. The game will use the version in the .gcf if it can’t find anything else.

Ive deleted them and they werent replaced, also, Im still getting the vertex error. Ive deleted garrysmod\models\kleiner.mdl and garrysmod\models\player\kleiner.mdl.
Am I missing a file somewhere?

I got this a few times with some CSS weapons, copying them straight from the GCF fixed it

Well I do have the GCF, could ya tell me where to copy them as the models directories I posted above arnt working for me. Its times like these where you wish theyd be more specific on which Kleiner.mdl is broken, since Ive found 2 in my models folder and who knows where it reads them from :stuck_out_tongue: I even tried replacing my entire models folder with the GCF to no avail. Maybe I used the wrong GCF or something… Well anyway, my main question is: Which gcf and where to put it?

Delete him then verfiy content.

It should download them again.

Yes Ive deleted the kleiner.mdl and verified content. However once again I must say this. I dont know if im deleting the file that gmod is using, so im asking for the filepath to where kleiner.mdl is being used. (like garrysmod/garrysmod/wheredoIgonow?)