Vertex manipulated brushes getting deformed.

Hi. I was creating a curved road that escalates in height. It looked good before I saved it.

The vertices are aligned.

But when I saved, and restarted Hammer, the vertices lost their alignment to eachother.

As you can see, they now lost their alignment.

And yes, the same thing happens after a compile (without restarting Hammer first.)
It does not work to func_detail them.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem, or know a solution? Thanks.

Does it happen even after you’ve fixed it, saved it, and reloaded it?

I’ve had a few instances where hammer decided to do something spontaneous and it was fixed by correcting it and resaving.

Yes, I’ve tried saving, fixing then saving. It isn’t the first time this problem occured. I’ve had it before, then I tried the following; saving, fixing, saving. Fixing, func_detail, saving. Fixing, saving, fixing, compile.

Nothing worked.

Oh well, I have to go to sleep now. It’s 00:35 AM here.



You aren’t using vertex edit correctly. You are meant to use the split face function first.