vertex mat colors on source models?

Okay so I have a model I’m porting to source

The model has mat colors already applied to the model (not sure of the term for that) That’s fine how it is but how do I get them colors to be applied to the model in source without making thousands of mat textures and applying them all by hand? There must be a more simple way?

Here’s the model:

Is there a simple way of doing this?


Small steam gift for the most simple & quickest method

I’ve not found one other than the making the textures yourself method (the applying way you said).

Also if you want people to have a look at the model, don’t put it up as a .max because thats useless to most of us (.3ds is much more accessable)

Edit: I’ve had an idea, if there just one colour textures, put a say 10x10 pixel square of each colour onto a single sheet and map each part to the corrosponding colour (not sure how that works in max but its simple to do in Milkshape).

Yeah I can make textures and apply them but i need to port thousands of models so I’m looking for a one click method pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

No such thing as far as i know, try google searching it. Though if you did what i said it would be less than what you originally were saying (as its one texture instead of loads).