Vertex Tool Question

Hi, is there any way I can make the Vertex Tool on one brush follow the origins of another brush on the same angle? Instead of just following each square on the grid? Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand the question. Do you mind rephrasing/giving an example?

Not exactly. It makes life easier if you are running on grid on all brushes.

I’ll upload an image. I hope this picture helps you understand better. It’s quite a tedious issue.

Might be a crappy picture but it’s the best I could get. I have 2 monitors and had to edit it a bit. Zoom in if you have too.

Maybe instead, you should try to get the other brush to the grid too?

Yeah but that then makes the panels go out of place, but if it’s the only option that will work it will have to be that.

I understand what you’re asking, now that you posted that picture.

The only way to align a vertex of a brush perfectly with another angled brush, is to establish a “slope” for that angled brush, and place your vertices along the angled line according to that particular slope.

For example, the angled brush you posted in the picture (in the bottom left-hand view) appears to have a slope of 1/6 (for every 6 grid squares, it rises 1 grid square).

Your vertices will line up with the angled brush only if you follow this slope.

Don’t know if you have had Algebra 2 or Calculus in school yet, but slope analysis is taught in these classes

I know what you’re saying. But the brush is in the middle of a grid square, which means the platform pieces cannot align with the panel pieces due to it following the grid square corners.

That’s why you align all the other vertices to the grid, move each one onto the grid right next to where it is, and things become a lot easier.