So, a player on my server reported to me that he crashed with this error:

Too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer (20000000 > 24576) Tell a programmer to up VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE

From what I understand, that means that the maximum vertex buffer is 24576, and he crashed because vertex buffer was at 20 million?

soon after he rejoined, he crashed again.
He suspected another player did it to him, so I spectated that player.

Third time around, both me and two other players crashed with the same error.

We discussed how extreme 20 million vertices is, and how that’s even possible.
I have PAC installed. Could it be possible for a player to load a custom model with 20 million vertices, which would crash the clients?
The player I spectated did not crash, but I did and people around him. When in 1st person view, you do not see your own PACs. So, could it have been him?

I actually was kind of into writing an e2 code, but apparently around 10-15 people crashed from this error. I was in the “secret room” of gm_flatgrass, so that’s probably why I didn’t crash until I spectated the suspected player.