Everything on my map in Garry’s Mod was running smoothly. But a few weeks ago, I tried to change the sky-box texture on my map, and apparently I changed it to a non-existent texture, and it got all screwed up. It looked like it was just one giant leak on the sky. So I changed it to one that does work, but a different one because I had forgotten the default sky-box texture. Now, whenever I go through a narrow hall or doorway, it gives me an error saying to tell a programmer to “up the VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE.” Is there anyway to fix this? It has only just started in the last few days, and never happened to me before.

Tell a programmer to up the VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE hurr durr :downs:

You could post the compile log orrr
Choose another skybox from there

Both of those suggestions are stupid. Basically it’s telling you that it’s rendering too much at once, you need to optimize the area so that less visleafs are drawn at once.

So what should I do? Put nodraws everywhere? I’m still a beginner at this, so I don’t know all of the fancy-schmancy tools experienced mappers use.

Read this. It should help

Have a box.

Might I suggest converting some of your extremely detailed brushwork into models, or read the optimization guide posted above.

The error means you have too many vertices in your map, and need to lessen the amount of brushes you have in your map.

Not that there’s too many verticies in the map, there’s just too many visible at once.