Vertexlitgeneric support

Hi all,
I wanted to ask if there is any knowledge about a source 1 to source 2 back port of vertexlitgeneric

Currently source 1 uses this shader as the go to for models and the majority of textures are authored for this specular workflow.

Compared to this the current go to shader in source 2 is built for PbR with the appropriate texture workflows.

That said - it’s not always an yes no setup. If the shader were backported it would likely work and I wanted to ask if this is considered to ease a transition

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There is 0 “ease of transition”, every material you’ll have to make from the ground up and it’s a very basic “albedo goes here”, “normal goes here” etc.

There is also 0 backwards compatibility (if you will) so to port anything you’ll have to export the textures into png first.

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I’d definitely prefer not exporting to png considering how terrible it handles alpha channels and rather work with something sensible like targas. Which are not lossy either and typically have well documented handling of alpha channels in the first place.

It’s also very much not a basic Albedo goes here and Normal goes there.

Source one uses a diffuse specular workflow. That means that you’re dealing with a shaded diffuse map and that you aren’t on a PBR workflow either. Regardless of being in PBR Metal or PBR spec, your material construction is vastly different. With the standard workflow you’re looking at reflectivity in the specular and control for the type of reflection (and color tint ) in the exponent map and as such you have to significantly redo the materials to make them actual look decent.

Having a backport of vertexlitgeneric into source 2 would mean this isn’t actually needed. Hence me asking if there is a consideration for this. If not we’ll just have to live with this and re-author the materials and texture maps, but I’d definitely prefer to avoid having to do that.

Honestly the big question is - will old shaders, or at least the important ones, be ported forward.

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Since it’s confirmed we’ll be able to make custom shaders, I’m sure at least a user-made VertexLitGeneric will be added and be commonplace. Ideally it would take the same inputs as you would usually provide in a .vmt file.

Seeing as people are going to want to port a ton of stuff over, since with textures at least there’s plenty of great stuff, having legacy support for basic .vmt’s would make sense and be very helpful.

At least a vmt2vmat.exe program with a standard VertexLitGeneric shader would be very kind, with drag and drop folder support.