VertexLitGeneric - The Source Texture Guide

Note: This is a work in progress, but I want to get out what I’ve done so far.

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TBD: Spec maps, phong, and advanced shader parameters. I’ll update as I finish new pages.

I think you’re the right person to write the tutorial about this. Good work.

Waiting for the rest of these.

Very in depth and helpful, thanks a lot for making these!

I’m not much into modelling, but this does hugely help into understanding textures in a lot more depth.

Nice one. It’s a little big, but that doesn’t stop me from opening it in a new tab (rather than using the in-built on on the forums, as it were).

Keep them coming. :slight_smile:

Very handy indeed. I already know most of the stuff already but when people ask me about how to do it I’ll send them here since I always had trouble describing things.

I’m still not fully sure about exponent maps, so I’ll be watching for that one. Great so far though!