Vertical Sync?

Is there any way to turn vsync off nowadays?
Like, is there a console command, since i didn’t find an entry in the launcher.


Hit F2 in the game - all the graphics settings are there

But there’s no vsync option, thats why i asked if there’s a console command

There is a console command called “find” (if I remember correctly), which you can use to find specific commands and other useful things. Try writing this “find vsync”. If there is such a command, you would find it this way.

However I think you can configure this in your video card configuration tool (for AMD, it is Catalyst Control Center). Just set Vsync to “force off” in the options.

Thanks for that, I tried it but still no luck.
The problem with my graphics card is, that i can either force vsync on, or leave it to the application. there is no off.

Anyway, i hope Gary implements an option to disable vsync, soon. (considering there has been one in the old version)

find fps is what you are looking for. fps.limit 60 or whatever your video card’s refresh at your resolution is.

Also, you can force vsync using your video driver’s control panel.