Vertices move after Save

I’m having a problem with Vertices moving after a save in CSGO Authoring Tools.

( I re-sized the screenshots because didn’t know if theres a rule about having 1920x1080)

I have tried the following with no success:

-Selected all brushes and made into:

-Copied and Pasted to new Map file

-Recreated the brushes

-Tried Cutting the brushes into Triangles(Didn’t work because the cut tool cuts off a piece of the brush even though the cut tool was set to save the brushes, it just shows 2 white sections and a small red piece that gets cut off)(Tophatwaffle Video solution didnt have a slant)

-I even tried converting the VMF into a model with the process that comes with it, but the new model has the vertices still moved because of the saved file.

-I tried using the Batch compiler thinking maybe it was breaking during compile but no success.

-I Copied and Pasted the map to L4D2 Authoring tools and well the same problem happens.

-I tried looking up the problem online not much answers

I tried asking my amazing mapper friend mopman who knows everything but he didn’t know either.

Some might say I should just forget about it but to be honest its needed for detail and well the map looks boxy with out it :D.

I believe this is the best place to ask a question about mapping problems.


It’s probably an invalid brush being fixed automatically. Go into vertex mode, select two vertices and hit ctrl+f. This splits the face into two triangles and should prevent it from being changed upon save.

Could you show us what it looks like in the viewports?


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Oh wow never mind I guess I failed at understanding on how to use the ctrl + f and well it worked! Thank you so much FelixDragon