Verticies shifting position while weighting bones?

This is a stupid error I ran into while weighting bones in 3ds Max. I am working on a model that has much more bones than source can handle, so I had to remake certain parts. The only problem is is when I weight them, they shift their position. Like completely shift, not just a little.

This is the verts at 0:

This is them at 0.8:

Usually the best way to fix these kinds of things is to export the skeleton after you made it and then import back

Just one thing - how many bones does the model use? I’ve honestly never hit the limit even with prety boen heavy models.

128 is the limit. A lot of games that have intense character interaction will have tons of attachment points which will show up as nodes in 3D Max. DoW is an example, Necrobard wrote a script to remove tons and tons of unnecessary nodes in all the references.

It’s Kitana’s alt from MK9, the hair itself has 25 bones. The loin cloth has about 15 on each side so that makes 30 total. Then the regular skeleton itself is about 80-90 bones so that makes about 145. I fixed the problem last night anyways. I just removed some hair bones, re-rigged then linked the rotation to the unremoved ones…