Verus Paradise! |Oxide|24+ plugins|Special Events|Removal|SkillsandPerks|Economy|No admin abuse|

Come and join us, right now we have normally 20 people on a normal basis we are looking for more individuals to join the server!

Server name: Verus Paradise!
Server IP:

I will also be posting a video to showcase the server as well as other youtubers will showcase the server.

Rules: simple, hacking, or exploiting

  1. no racism or politics

  2. no harassing or griefing

  3. have fun

Join my community, the clan or both! We host a few servers and soon even more on various different games. We host events, and even own our own team speak server and website.

TeamSpeak info:


On our rust server we run Oxide and various plugins, here is what we offer…

Some plugins are not listed due to not working yet, but soon I will add more to the list ounce I test to see if they will work on the server.

Oxide MOD-

Oxide plugins:

Auto airdrop frequency-



Basic Economy-

Fix your name-

Chat History-

Player List-



Command Watcher-

add resources to map-

Poll System-

Game Time -


Skills and Perks-




Sticky notes-

private messaging-

Auto message-

Death messages-

Removal tool-

put ip please cant find server

there you go I have placed it above, under the server name.