Verus's (Badger130) Universal Codes

Apparently these are quite liked, as I’ve been told. Since wiremod forums arn’t checked that much, and are quite empty, ill post the links to my e2’s here.

Helicopter - Download #My pride and joy, very stable and reliable helicopter code
Tank - Download #Handles acf and non acf tanks, holo crosshair and makes sure your camera wont go into the world and make you render-lag
Plane - Download #Use at your own risk, not the most stable, but it works
Boat - Download#Also somewhat buggy, not as universal as other codes, works very well with small boats
HoloTreads - Download#Lags in large quantities due to rangers, but looks aesthetically nice, completely holograms
HoloSpawner - Download#Very useful way to spawn holograms in any quantity, can spawn maximum number of holograms with no errors or problems. remember putting a invalid string into the material section will create immense lag

Remember I do keep these updated, I would prefer you do download them from here rather than get your buddy’s version, because it may mot be the most up-to-date one.
if you don’t like them, don’t use them.
Don’t take credit for these, please.