Very Annoying Problem

Hi, I am having a bug/virus/glitch where I uncontrollably spam (something i forgot) is awesome! in backwards in text chat, which gets me banned from servers, I will post a screen shot here soon, help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Is it making you spam"!emoswa si retsasirhC"?
Is it saying Chrisaster is awsome!?

Its most likely a lua virus

I had a viris that made me jump for no reason and killed me. Look through your folders for something that you didn’t install/put in. I would check your lua folder first. Look for it and delete it. Sometimes you can get a viris from the server. Like I did. I can have odd names.


Look in your lua folder for a file called “delete_me.lua” or something like that.

Or am I thinking of a different Lua “virus”