Very annyoing problem, help is appreciated!

Today I downloaded garrys mod again after a long time. First when I started a new multiplayer game it worked very good, but I couldnt place any npc´s or entites so i wanted to play singleplayer instead. But when i started a new singleplayer game it lagged like shit! I realised that I only could play on multiplayer mode. The other problem is that I dont find any place to change the settings for the multiplayer mode, as i said i cant place any npc’s. So if anyone nice out there can explain why it laggs on singleplayer or where the settings are, I would be very happy! Thanks in advance!:smile:

Sigh… Read the sticky… Post your specs please.

Nevermind sticky is removed for some reason… But yeah post your specs

Processor: dual 2,8 ghz
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce 8400 512 mb
Harddrive: 80Gig…

Try a fresh install of gmod (renaming the garrysmod folder not going to “delete local content”)

Ok imma try that, hope it works, kinda weird that…