Very bad night for hackers -.-

Hi, just wanted to make a quick thread. I have logged onto 6 different servers tonight, and I am getting killed every time by the same hack. It’s that stupid hack that causes some noob with a rock/hatchet to constantly hit you, even if you run in a straight line. It’s not like server admins ever give you your stuff back, so on 6 entirely different servers, I lost my gun and/or starting materials.

I don’t know, it seems really crappy tonight. Almost like a new free hack has come onto the market and suddenly everyone has it. Please fix this soon, I wouldn’t usually post a random thread - but tonight, I have had enough. Please fix your fucking alpha game. (which is just an excuse similar to the one Notch of Minecraft made. It’s a fully playable game, just get off your bottom and start doing stuff.)

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers discussion thread." - postal))

How are you letting a guy with a rock/pickaxe even get that close to you if you have a gun? Or is this something they can do from a distance? or speed hacking as well.

They speedhack as well.