Very Big House

I loved playing on the Super Size Room map and was inspired to make a house, a very big house. It’s about 30x enlarged. It has an attic, living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, pool. It has a basic ground node map, and tons of doors, the cupboards open, the fridge, the entertainment stand, the closet, and the front and back doors. The windows are breakable and it’s all outside lit, as if it is a vacant building. Anyway thanks for checking this out.


What’s the use of a huge house if there’s no way to get on things like for example the bed? You could get creative and let a wire hanging down from a phone that is lying on the bed charging up or something.

I had thought about putting climbable surfaces all over and mouse holes. However I decided that people can build a ladder/stairs/ramp them selves. I may go back and add them, thanks for the input.

I just released an update, it adds climbable surfaces all around the map, and I added gutters. Thanks again for the feedback.

What’s great about making maps of this size is you can add a lot of detail that you wouldn’t be able to do because of the limitations of hammer(this is ignoring things like propper, and making models in a 3rd party program, of course ^^), For instance, for the front of the house, you take each individual board in that texture, and make them more detailed through brushwork and/or displacements.I think it would be a great way to practice working with hammer more intimately.

Check ‘rats’ maps in counterstrike for inspiration, they are also enlarged maps but with tons of detail as said above.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try and add more detail to my next version. At this point it would take too much to go back and do it to this one, also I didn’t want too many brushes, I have an issue with vrad crashing when it get’s over 1.7GB of memory. So I have to keep my light maps at 36. If I have too many brushes I think I’ll need to make the light maps even larger, like 64 or so and the shadow detail will be lost.

func_detail my friend, func_detail.

yup, I figured that one out already, and func_viscluster